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Akira Kurusu_Persona 5 Protagonist by SamJadeHarley Akira Kurusu_Persona 5 Protagonist :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 2 0 Eternal Love by SamJadeHarley Eternal Love :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 0 0 Marinette and Adrien by SamJadeHarley Marinette and Adrien :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 7 0 Red Like Roses by SamJadeHarley Red Like Roses :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 5 0 Yume by SamJadeHarley Yume :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 0 0 Blake Belladonna_Henceforward AU by SamJadeHarley Blake Belladonna_Henceforward AU :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 1 0 Combat Ready by SamJadeHarley Combat Ready :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 1 0 Gijinka Blaze by SamJadeHarley Gijinka Blaze :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 2 0 Sweather Weather by SamJadeHarley Sweather Weather :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 1 0 Squad by SamJadeHarley Squad :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 1 0 Taiyo by SamJadeHarley Taiyo :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 0 0 Vriska Serket by SamJadeHarley Vriska Serket :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 3 0 Vicky and Emily_Spartoi by SamJadeHarley Vicky and Emily_Spartoi :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 0 0 Sienna Foxcraft___Sam Harley by SamJadeHarley Sienna Foxcraft___Sam Harley :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 1 0 Caster Foxcraft by SamJadeHarley Caster Foxcraft :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 1 0 Lost in Thought by SamJadeHarley Lost in Thought :iconsamjadeharley:SamJadeHarley 2 0


Spitting while kissing meme-Red kichi x wada(VIDEO by mijikai-o-tan Spitting while kissing meme-Red kichi x wada(VIDEO :iconmijikai-o-tan:mijikai-o-tan 42 1 Jesse possum papa ref by AlexDealey Jesse possum papa ref :iconalexdealey:AlexDealey 14 0 Amy's parents by angelamyrose Amy's parents :iconangelamyrose:angelamyrose 25 1 Sonic's parents by angelamyrose Sonic's parents :iconangelamyrose:angelamyrose 25 3
Calluses: P5 Protagonist X Reader
Just sits back here watching a speedpaint video of Soejima drawing Persona 5 for one hour straight
          Lying down on your boyfriend's bed inside his room of the coffee shop, you continued to play Fire Emblem Awakening with the TV on, broadcasting it's most recent news.
          "The Phantom has eluded the authorities once again! The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have stolen the most sacred treasure from-"
          'Huh, at least he made it out back alive.'
You thought as you watched the cutscene where Chrom confesses his love to the avatar, in this case, you.
          "What the-hey!" You shouted when your boyfriend grabbed your 3DS, tch-ing at the cutscene playing.
          "Why do you even play games like this? You already have a boyfriend,
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 133 6
Crave | P5: 2 | Persona 5 Protagonist
You love his little mannerisms and quirks.
You love how mysterious he is.
Maybe… you’re becoming obsessed?
He’s a beautiful young man. Somehow so beautiful that he made you hurt. In the wild, hungry streets of Shibuya, an enigmatic love was blooming. Love? Definitely. But somehow, your own feelings still puzzled you. Your dreams still plagued you, but at this point, you were welcoming them with open arms. You wanted more of him, to hold him and plant kisses all over his face. Lately, however, he had started to look tired, ragged, and blatantly exhausted. What ailed him? You were curious as to ask. But you hadn’t yet. He could see it. You knew that he could see the concern in your expression.
Recently, a thief had grown infamous among Shibuya. His calling card was often left at his next targets, which was daring and bold of any thief. Still, your father, one of the head detectives at the police station, was also becoming exhausted. He was out
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 107 7
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
Kurusu stares at his beloved as his slate gray eyes admired you from a considerable distance. You would, every once in a while, take notice of his intense gazing at you before quickly going back to your book. However, your lover didn’t take too kindly to such a reaction. The lack of affection from you made him antsy and even made him crave for it.
Soon, it came to the point where he wouldn’t mind just feeling your warmth on him. Your eyes widened when you felt his arms wrap around your waist and pulled you onto his lap. The noiret’s hair tickled your cheek as he buries his face in the crook of your neck.
“What’s wrong, Akira?” you asked him as you shifted uncomfortably. You could feel small vibrations as he hums against your skin. “It’s not every day you try and do something like this.”
“I don’t, but today, I simply want to love,” he mumbled. You smiled at how cute h
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 115 6
Crave | P5: 1 | Persona 5 Protagonist
You don’t know why this is happening or why these dreams are coming to you so vividly.
But your mouth waters when you look at him and your legs tremble.
You couldn’t help where your mind was going.
He was the soft spoken young man who attended the school for delinquents. Why? Why would such a polite young man attend such a vicious school? You had run into him numerous times by now, enough to know his name and to know that he enjoyed drinking coffee. You started to not be able to look him in the eye. You couldn’t even look at his face without feeling guilt and embarrassment. But you were even more guilty about troubling him. Damn his intuitiveness. He was able to know something was off about you.
It was a bright  and sunny spring day in Shibuya, an off day too. But you couldn’t help but quiver at the thought of running into him again. His tousled raven hair and sweet eyes drew you in too deeply. His masculine jawline… and beautiful
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 102 11
|White Rabbit|
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
“How do I look?” you ask as you quickly comb out the soft tangles in your hair before turning to face Kurusu. “Don’t I look nice as Alice?” Kurusu glances at you, eyes seemingly checking out certain areas of your costume and how nice it fitted along your curves.
“It’s a bit modest.”
“It’s a school play. Last time I checked, I’m pretty sure Alice wasn’t trying to seduce anyone in Alice in Wonderland,” you reminded him, cheeks flushing a soft pink in response to his implied request.
He smiles, “Well, my Alice can be a bit different.” You raise an eyebrow.
Your Alice? Unfortunately for you, the white rabbit does not claim Alice,” you state, keeping in mind his role as the white rabbit—however unfitting that is. “...You aren’t—by any chance—going to try something during the play right?” He s
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 39 7
Persona 5 - Phantom x Reader
“Leave me alone. I don’t want your company,” you growled, pushing your chair back as you abruptly stood up. You sent a glare to the noiret’s way before pulling your headphones up over your ear. Kurusu watches quietly as you stormed out of the classroom. He’s surprised by your reaction to a simple question such as, ‘How was your day?’
There were rumors floating around that you often acted that way, rejecting all those who tried to get close to you. You seemed to prefer being alone as if everyone around you had evil intentions. People also said you were a problem child, talking back to adults and doing as you wish.
Kurusu had a hard time believing such rumors. Much to his surprise, he was wrong not to. You seemed to hate his guts before he even had a chance to talk to you.
He hasn’t talked to you ever since that first conversation, mainly because you always found a way to avoid his presence. You av
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 75 18
Etihw by WhiteMoonfield Etihw :iconwhitemoonfield:WhiteMoonfield 10 0 MATING DANCE INTENSIFIES by CascadingSerenity MATING DANCE INTENSIFIES :iconcascadingserenity:CascadingSerenity 1,359 162
Midnight Love (Akira Kurusu/Joker x Reader)
 Akira Kurusu/Joker (c) Atlus
 You (c) yourself

 WARNING! The following story is nothing more than a little side story I had thought of. There may be some non-canonical moments in the story. Again, this was just made for fun. Also, just to clarify if some characters or events aren't in here, I haven't beaten the game to a full 100% so please excuse for the lack of them. To give a hint where I'm at, let's just say I just beat the 2nd boss of the game...

 Enjoy the story otherwise! This was kind of inspired by a song I was listening to and I couldn't help but picture how it could have went. Also, I borrowed some elements from another reader insert I had made into this as I thought would be cute and sweet (along with some cheesy romantic moments to put in). Overall, again, sorry if some things don't seem canonical or what not, enjoy the story as it is!
 Sighing heavily to yourself, you turned to the mirror you ha
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 49 2
Coy (Akira Kurusu x Shy!Reader)
 So a heads up that this is my first Persona (and first Persona 5) reader insert! This is nothing more than a little short story I though about writing. I'm currently still in the process of trying to beat Persona 5 so there may be future reader inserts to come, whether short or long (which I do want to do eventually but I want to take time to respect the lore and story of the game first). For now, it's just small ones like these. Hope you enjoy!
 Akira Kurusu (c) Atlus
 You (c) yourself
 You sighed to yourself as you looked around the corner of the staircase, eyeing a particular door to a classroom.
 You could feel your heart pounding, feeling it about to burst any moment the minute it swung open and the person you wanted to see would make it skip crazily.
 Yet deep down, you knew you were going no to get nervous and start hyperventilating again.
 Come on, (y/n), you got this, you told yourself. Just go over and sa
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 80 23
There are a few restrictions to characters, but they're fairly easy to follow.
Accepted Characters
Because of the vast amount of designs in the world of My Hero Academia! Most creations are free reign design wise, that being said...We encourage not to at least go overboard, we don't need anyone that looks like a digimon.
Unacceptable Characters
Don't make them too close to an already existing character, as nice as their design may be. You may be questioned when you send in your application. Don't make them look like some deity, don't bring fetish characters of any kind and don't bring in legitimate animals since animals wielding quirks is meant to be rare. That being said, anthropomorphic designs are okay, even if it's just a head.
Back stories
No overly extreme sob stories. Sure, bad things happen in everyone's life. But this is not a contest of who has the best sob story. Do not write about specific rules for all quirk users, Do not
:iconmy-hero-academia:My-Hero-Academia 29 13
Commission: Maid Fi by Z-Raid Commission: Maid Fi :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 103 10



I can do sketches like these for about 10 points.

Lineart will be an additional 5 points

Two characters will be also an additional of 5 points.

I can draw humans, furries, trolls, ect.
Digital art
For full body, shaded and highlighted will be 20 points.

Half body, shaded and highlighted will be 15 points Sam Casual clothes by SamJadeHarley  



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi my name is Sam. I am Bisexual/Non Binary
please respect my pronouns as they are She/Her or They/Them.

I should point this out, I AM NOT A FURRY. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING THAT TERM. I have nothing against furries as I have friends who are furries and they know I am not comfortable with being called a furry. Most of my ocs are animals, mainly cats but that does not mean I am a furry. The character you see is a visual representation of myself and ill repeat. I AM NOT A FURRY.

Fandoms that I am apart of are:


Soul Eater

Warrior Cats

Fairy Tail


Miraculous Ladybug


I have other social medias then here.
All of them start with Sam Jade Harley

Facebook: Sam Jade Harley
Twitter: SamJadeHarley
Instagram: SamJadeHarley
Snapchat: SamJadeHarley
Tumblr: SamJadeHarley
Discord: SamJadeHarley#9465

Feel free to follow/add me at any of these! Im most active on FB and IG


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I started commissions! for both traditional and digital art!

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